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DZ3500 Carbon Black Content Tester

1. This instrument applies to polyethylene, polypropylene and polyisobutylene plastics in the determination of the content of carbon.
2. The test result is obtained through the specimen under the nitrogen protection, after analyzing the weight of high temperature decomposition.
3. This apparatus has many advantages such as being easy to use, simple operation, reliable working, accurate measurement, automatic temperature control and so on. 
Testing standard:

ISO 6964,GB/T 13021,IEC 60811-4-1,GB/T 2951。41,JTG E50 T1165,

ASTM D1603-2012,CJ/T 125—2000,GB/T2951。41-2008

1、Test temperature: room temperature ~ 990℃
2、Temperature adjustment: full-program control   (Setting freely)
3、Display: Characters LCD Display
4、Heating tube inner diameter: Φ31×(400±50)mm

Overheating protection
External temperature probe
Flow meter and regulator
Silicone connecting pipe
Burning boat

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